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@madeinthehaight #recycled chocolate leather cuff with #eco-friendly recyclable turquoise and houndstooth pattern hand-glittered mulberry paper flowers and locally sourced turquoise howlite skull bead. I trimmed the leather to a more form fitting oval shape and added a glittery chocolate adjustable band for a perfect fit. (C) 2014 all rights reserved by Made In The Haight in San Francisco #supportyourlocalindiecrafter

@madeinthehaight #purpleoctopus #sustainably-made and locally sourced, eco-friendly #recycled pebbled black leather cuff with purple, white and multi-colored mulberry paper flower and a unique handmade lamp work ceramic purple octopus glass lentil bead. Corset-style cinching with a repurposed stretchy band and vintage-style handmade ceramic beads for a perfect fit. (C) 2014 all rights reserved by Made In The Haight in San Francisco, California. #supportindependentandlocalarts

@madeinthehaight black #recycled leather cuff - big thank you, @maryjungsf - with yellow, magenta and green hand-glittered fabric and mulberry paper repurposed flowers and a vibrant smiling #sugarskull center cabochon! Corset-style cinching with a stretchy repurposed fabric and vintage-style handmade ceramic bead for a perfect fit. (C) 2014, all rights reserved by Made In The Haight, San Francisco. #supportyourlocalindiecrafter

@madeinthehaight #dayofthedead #sugarskull #recycled grey leather cuff with 4 layers of yellow, blue, and green fabric and mulberry paper flowers and a fantastic, vibrant yellow sugar skull center cabochon! A corset style cinch fit with recycled stretchy fabric and vintage-style handmade ceramic beads. (C) 2014, all rights reserved by Made In The Haight, San Francisco. #supportyourlocalindiecrafter

@madeinthehaight #recycled grey leather cuff with hand-glittered magenta, robins egg blue and chocolate #eco-friendly mulberry paper and fabric flower and repurposed vintage style silver button - with corset-style stretchable lacing and ceramic beads for a perfect cinch fit! (C) 2014 all rights reserved by Made In The Haight, San Francisco. #supportyourlocalindiecrafter

#brandspankingnew leather wrist cuff from @madeinthehaight - #vintage 70s style turquoise, yellow, brown and black cloth and a lime green center #sugar-skull with two layers of blue #eco-friendly mulberry paper flowers. Corset style lacing with turquoise vintage ceramic beads on a repurposed stretchy black and white cord and an adjustable cinch means this cuff will fit all wrists - so you can put it on by yourself without needing anyone’s help! This one of a kind piece has been painted silver on the inside of the cuff and has a sweet vintage-style picture of a nest with three turquoise robin’s eggs on it.
(C)2014 Made In The Haight, all rights reserved. #supportyourlocalindiecrafter

Another #brandspankingnew design by @madeinthehaight - in celebration of the Year of the Horse! Incredibly detailed chestnut colored horse made in Peru strides along five layers of mulberry paper - an Eco-friendly resource like bamboo which is made in Thailand - with hand-glittered edges on the tie-dye paper! Worn on a repurposed gunmetal grey calf’s leather cuff with vintage-style ribbon in a corset style for a perfect fit around your wrist and ceramic caramel bead accents. One of a kind, versatile and fun! (C) 2014 Made in the Haight, all rights reserved.

Another #brandspankingnew design from @madeinthehaight - a turquoise howlite skull bead center with recycled rust and burnt orange fabric stars hand glittered by me on a repurposed calf’s leather cuff with stretchy repurposed fabric corset lacing (for a snug fit!) with baby blue handmade ceramic bead accents! Vintage, bohemian and versatile enough to go from day into evening! #supportyourlocalindiecrafter

"Humble beginnings" of Made In the Haight

I was asked on a recent application the following question, to which I submitted the following reply:

Tell us how you decided to start your own business.

I am a crafter, a lawyer, a law professor, a wife and a mother. In 2010, while one of my children was a baby and my other child was a young toddler, a colleague and I worked on a very difficult homicide trial in which we were co-counsel defending a mentally retarded young man whose actions ultimately and tragically caused the death of a well-liked local police officer. The grueling trial went on for several months, during which my colleague and I worked punishing hours that kept each of us from spending time with our families and our communities. Throughout that difficult time, I needed a creative outlet from the physically draining and emotionally exhausting demands of my work. So late at night, after I finished working on our trial, I began crafting for my children while the rest of my family slept. After our trial was completed, I continued crafting and founded Made In the Haight to pay homage to the vibrant, joyful San Francisco neighborhood where I work, play and live with my family. In keeping with my personal priorities, I donate my time, energy and portions of my proceeds from Made In The Haight to support community charities, including each of my children’s local schools. Because I care deeply about the environment and the sustainability of my community, I purchase most supplies locally, shop sustainably for ethically produced supplies, and creatively package my work to reduce waste and protect the environment. Made In the Haight is my vision for a strong, independent, green accessory line designed with unique colors, textures and versatility. Made in the Haight is a Certified San Francisco Green Business, a member of SFMade and a team member of SFEtsy.

This #brandspankingnew @madeinthehaight #repurposed calf’s leather cuff in vintage-inspired shades of turquoise and brown will bring out your inner superhero! With two Eco-friendly mulberry paper flowers, including a turquoise and tweed flower which I hand-glittered, and a howlite turquoise center skull, this cuff is fastened with an adjustable glittery thin band. (C)2014 Made In The Haight, all rights reserved. #supportyourlocalindiecrafter

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